Manito Ahbee Pow Wow

For Indigenous people, a pow wow is all about coming together to meet, dance and socialize.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our communities are on lock down and we wanted to find a way to connect our people to help raise their spirits. We are excited to introduce the Manito Ahbee Virtual Pow Wow!

The virtual platform for pow wow started in California. Tiny Rosales, an Ojibwe dancer and entrepreneur, wanted to connect with other dancers and offer support. She started an online platform for people to continue to dance pow wow while keeping themselves and their families safe.  The MAF Virtual Pow Wow is taking on this platform to provide programming. There will be 32 dance categories and five specials. The MAF Virtual Pow Wow takes place May 21-22.  Much the same as our regular pow wow, dancers will need to register and follow the rules and regulations.  Each dancer will submit a video in their dance category.  Each video will include their dance clip and must be is to be recorded outdoors on their home land.  Judges will be assigned to each category and tabulations will be conducted by C & T Tabulations.   The Manito Ahbee Virtual Pow Wow will be broadcast on our MAF Facebook page, MAF YouTube, MAF website, the Quarantine Pow Wow 2020 Facebook page and Powwows. com.


Boozhoo! My Name is Tiny Rosales. I was born and raised in California by way of Belcourt, ND (Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa) I dance Old Style Jingle. My Family and I travel throughout the US and Canada. My husband Hector Rosales and I have 6 Children. We stared the Quarantine Dance Specials 2020 Page after we had a Woodland Special for my son Arley’s initiation special on my personal FB page. When Pow wow’s were getting cancelled, I had a thought- I had to do something to “Keep The People Dancing” the world needs our prayers the most during these times. I pray my hardest when I dance, I know that goes for other dancers as well. We have to keep our feet/moccasins connected with the earth. I talked to my Husband about having a Jingle Special and decided to create the page. I’ve always encouraged friends and family to dance since I was a little girl. Even loaning my outfit to them or now in my adult age, every year at Stanford Pow Wow (my home PW) I take my kids old outfits and give them away to other kids I think can put use to them. We found a way to Keep Dancing no matter what obstacles are in the way. I didn’t expect for this to grow as much as it has and I’m grateful for the amount of support it’s reached. It makes me happy to see others sponsoring specials/Pow Wow’s. The messages from around the world how it’s “uplifted their sprits” “saved their life” will stick with me for ever! I would like to say Chi Miigwech to the Manito Ahbee Committee for hosting The 2020 Manito Ahbee Virtual Pow Wow on the Quarantine Dance Specials 2020 Page and helping to “Keep The People Dancing”