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*Multi-Award Winning Artiste with over 35 Awards*.

• Many refer to Tasha T as “The Musical Ambassador”, and most recently, “The Eternal Everlasting”, spreading strong positive messages throughout the world. Since the arrival of her long awaited sophomore album "Real Talk" (RasVibes/VP Records 2014), which included popular singles like, ‘In A Di Jungle’, ‘Mouth A Matic’ and ‘Bed of Fire’ has stamped her as the force to be reckoned.

• Nominated for "Best Reggae Recording" at the JUNO Awards (for the 2nd time) and the sole female in her category (Hamilton, Canada March 2015).

• Nominated for "Best International Indigenous Release" in 2015. First ever reggae artiste in the history of the Indigenous Music Awards to be nominated and invited to perform at their show in Winnipeg, Canada (helping form stronger ties between reggae music in Canada and the Indigenous Community).

• Recognition from The Governor of Canada for the “Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal” in December 2012 for “her dedication to her peers, community and Canada”. Quote by HRH Queen Elizabeth II; “The contributions you have made to our nation are most commendable, and deserve our praise and admiration”.



Toronto-born reggae sensation, Natasha Whyte is one of very few females to shine in such a male-dominated part of the music industry. Raised by Jamaican Rastafarian parents, Natasha’s natural talent for music was discovered and nurtured. She would then flourish into the successful Artiste we all know and love today - Tasha T.

Tasha T’s music takes us back to the very roots of her career. The diminutive reggae-roots culture singer began at a very tender age on Roadblock International Sound in Toronto, Canada as a selector. She then developed her own unique style of ‘sing-jaying’, incorporating her huge voice.

Tasha T now continues to push the boundaries, receiving unprecedented recognition as a Multi-Award winning Artiste and she continues to open doors for reggae musicians in Canada. She is the only reggae artiste to receive an invitation to perform at the “Union Summer Series”. This is only one of many ‘firsts’ regarding accomplishments in Tasha T’s career. She was also the very first woman to perform at the “Roy Thomson and Massey Hall” Summer Music Patio Series in Toronto, Canada. Not to mention her first-time being asked to headline the “Jamaican Cultural Festival” in Vancouver.

When asked about her success, Tasha T explains, “keeping it real is what I'm all about”. This is clearly reflected in her straight-from-the heart performances. No matter where she performs, she seems to engage her audience with ease. This has a lot to do with her sincerity, thought-provoking lyrics and mesmerizing stage presence.

In 2015 and 2016 Tasha T spread her wings further afield, embarking on her own UK promo tour, with live performances and radio promotions in over 20 cities. This gained her a dramatic influx of new fans, becoming one of her largest fan bases to date.
In Tasha T’s own words, “I’m my own inspiration as well as my own motivator. I like to go out into the world and ‘do things for myself’. My main focus is to help others, especially children. My passion, dedication, and self-belief make it all happen”.

Not just a performer - Tasha T is also a Songwriter, Producer, Record Label owner, Artiste Consultant and Reggae Philanthropist. For the past four years, she has served as the official Musical Ambassador for the Read Across Jamaica Foundation, travelling throughout Jamaica and USA on a mission to encourage and motivate young children to read. She makes them aware of how much it can immensely benefit their lives, with her inspirational theme song “Educate Yourself”.

Internationally recognized Canadian music conductor, Boris Brott, recently invited Tasha T to be the first Reggae Artiste to narrate and perform alongside his orchestra at the Brott Music Education Concert (for children in Hamilton). Another ground breaking feat to add to the list.

Tasha T shares with us her optimistic outlook on life and all of its possibilities, while educating, motivating, inspiring and uplifting the people of the world. Her dedication to performing and projecting a strong positive message is no doubt why she has had such longevity and a continually growing fan base.


  • 2017 Best International Indigenous Release for Fire In Me


Fire In Me

Fire In Me Tasha T

Released: April 7th, 2016

Real Talk

Real Talk Tasha T


Fire In Me



"Beautiful World" from Fire In Me

Fire In Me



"Reggae Jammin" from Fire In Me

Fire In Me



"Fire In Me" from Fire In Me