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Candy Palmater is a recovered lawyer turned feminist comic who was raised by bikers in the wilds of Northern New Brunswick. She is an activist, actor, writer and international speaker as well as the executive producer of three films on Mi’kmaw culture. Candy is the creator and star of her own national, award wining TV series, The Candy Show which is now in its fifth season, watch Tuesday nights on APTN.
Candy has appeared in Forgive Me, Sex & Violence and Call Me Fitz. She is a regular contributor to DNTO on CBC radio, as well as Guest Host of Q on CBC Radio and TV, and can be seen every Tuesday night on Laughing Drum as part of the APTN National News.
Candy was valedictorian of her class at Dalhousie Law School and went on to practice Labour and Aboriginal law in a large corporate firm until show biz came knocking.
Before pursuing entertainment full time, Candy worked for the Nova Scotia Department of Education for a decade. She is currently working on a Masters of Education at St. Francis Xavier University and teaches a course at Dalhousie University.
Although she lives in Halifax with her wife and three dogs, most of her time is spent in airports and airplanes as she travels the globe speaking to audiences, large and small, about the power of love, kindness and self-acceptance. Candy believes we are more alike than different and that you can NEVER have too much Candy.



The Candy Show

The Candy Show The Candy Show

The Candy Show - Season 3 - with the Mi'Kmaq Nation

The Candy Show - Season 3 - with the Mi'Kmaq Nation The Candy Show