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Jaaji (George)


Meaning & History
Jaaji is an Inuit name derived from the English name George. Jaaji grew up in a humble little community called Quaqtaq in Northern Nunavik. Jaaji is a half Inuit and also Mohawk on his biological fathers side but he was raised by his Grandparents in the Traditional ways of the Inuit where a lot of his influence in his writing depicted life on the land. Jaaji learned how to play guitar late but started to write right away but hung up his guitar for about 15 years up until the beginning of 2014. And now, Jaaji has become a house hold name in Inuit based Music. He is working hard to ensure that his voice and musical storytelling is heard around the arctic. Jaaji was busy in his debut year on the music scene by going to 12 festivals including a TV appearance at TAM (Talente Autochtone Musicaux) which showcases Aboriginal Music. Jaaji has also started to work on a few more musical projects but for now will focus on his schooling. Jaaji is taking Audio Engineering/Studio Recording at TARA (technical audio recording academy) in Ottawa where he is going to start his own recording studio.
Genre in Music; Jaaji plays what he considers as Inuit folk/pop/rock with an acoustic flavour and an Americana Feel
Jaaji released his self produced CD titled "Nunaga".  Over 2000 copies were made and more than half were sold to the demanding public. There is still a demand for the Album but Jaaji is currently working on his new Album Titled "Kajusi" which means "To Carry On". There is a sample of his first Track "Taanisii" single (to dance) Produced by Corvidae Music. Both Albums "Nunaga" and "Kajusi" should be launched officially later on this year.



Nunaga (My Home, My Land)

Nunaga (My Home, My Land) Jaaji