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2010 APCMA’s Award Winner, 2009 Jessie Richardson Nominee & DORA Award Nominee, 2006 Juno Nominee & 2006 CAMA Award Winner, Singer Songwriter/Composer Jason Burnstick is a First Nations Cree musician currently based out of Winnipeg Manitoba. Performing with his Weissenborn lap slide guitars he moves freely from one musical style to the next capturing a mixture of folk & blues with an obvious flavor of the Latin influence. Jason attributes this freedom to his musical upbringing and from the guidance and support he received from his older brothers Loren & William.

Nadine (Gagné) L’Hirondelle has worked within Aboriginal Early Childhood Development for 18 years and has been creating Aboriginal children’s music since 2003. At that time she also started volunteering to coordinate an Aboriginal children’s drum group called “Children of the Rainbow Drum Group.” There were approximately 40 children in the group aged 1 to 15 years. The group performed extensively around Vancouver, BC for many years and even travelled to Ottawa to perform for the Honorable Governor General of Canada – Michelle Jean. In 2005/06 Nadine was chosen as one of 12 National Aboriginal role models for Canada and in 2007 Nadine and Jason released their first children’s CD titled “My Moccasins. Their CD was nominated for “Best Female Cultural Roots Album” at the Canadian Aboriginal Music award in 2008. In March of 2009, “My Moccasins” reached #1 on the National Aboriginal Top 40 countdown for several weeks.
Due to the small amount of Aboriginal artists currently creating Aboriginal “children’s” music; Jason and Nadine continue to create Aboriginal contemporary children’s music that incorporates the Cree and Michif language. They both believe strongly that it is important and crucial to ensure more cultural resources are created for Indigenous children and communities. They are excited to share their second Aboriginal children’s CD titled “Wrapped in Daisies” which was released in February 2015. Currently Nadine continues to volunteer on a weekly basis to facilitate a 2nd “Children of the Rainbow Drum Group” in Kelowna, BC with 30 Aboriginal children aged 1-14 years.



Wrapped In Daisies

Wrapped In Daisies Nadine L'Hirondelle & Jason Burnstick