The Bass Invaders

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South American

Felipe (The Bass Invaders) began his musical career independently. While touring extensively throughout South America and Japan he was endorsed by such companies as Dingwall GuitarsĀ® and Blade GuitarsĀ® from Switzerland, and was the only South American to have been invited to join the exclusive professional association of bass players in Tokyo known as the Bassment Party. Upon his arrival in Saskatoon, Felipe immediately established a huge following in the local music scene, wowing audiences with his innovative sound and commanding stage presence.

Felipe is crossing the world with his bicycle and his bass guitar on a project called "Bike and Bass tour. " To date, he has crossed more than 11,000 kms and performed 100 shows all over Canada. His latest tour was in the Canadian Arctic, touring on his bike and playing music in the communities.



Dance Of The Fox

Dance Of The Fox The Bass Invaders