Indigenous in Music with Larry K

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Join Larry K from the Ho Chunk Nation, as he brings you a mix of Indigenous music produced every week and heard daily on Native Voice One (NV1) the Native American Radio Network. Enjoy live interviews and a mix of new music from our Indigenous musicians from around the Western Hemisphere.

The Indigenous in Music with Larry K radio show was developed to support indigenous musicians. After we did our research, we discovered that our indigenous musicians were not getting the exposure needed to get into the mainstream music scene. Host Larry K, from the Ho – Chunk Nation started the Indigenous in Music Radio Show in Sarasota, FL.

OUR GOAL: Is to develop and market our show to radio stations around the world. We will provide music and interviews to the general public. We will promote our indigenous musicians and entertainers. Both a host and producer, Larry values the diversity of cultural expression and traditions, fosters the preservation and advancement of diverse musical genres, creates a sense of welcoming and belonging, enhances the enjoyment of life, and celebrates community with great programming.

Recorded at the Two Buffalo studio’s in Sarasota, Florida and distributed by Native Voice One (NV1), Public Radio Exchange (PRX) and Pacifica AudioPort. And our musical guests and show are featured in the SAY Magazine.

MISSION: The Indigenous in Music Radio Show mission is to: develop, organize, promote and administer a comprehensive, coordinated music program. Provide music and entertainment for the general public.

Originating in Minneapolis, MN in 2006, Since the beginning our past guests guests have included Joey Stylez, Tone Gyah Dae of Spirit Cry, Locos por Jauana, Corey Medina, Kristi Lane Sinclair, Annie Humphrey, Lucas Ciliberti, Kelly Dickerson, Irv Lyons Jr., Dream One, NADJIWAN, Moonshine Saints, Sunshadows, Tara Williamson, Pura Fe, Cory Morin, Carsen Gray, The Deeds, Lil Mike @ Funny Bone, Son Of Hweeldi, Young Medicine, Jamie Pardo, Bryden Gwiss Kiwenzie, Aqua Nibi Waawaasknow, Frazer Sundown, Macc Meeze, Baracutanga, Kalyn Fay, Johah Littlesunday, Cindy Paul, Groovalottos, Macc Meezy, Rockapelli, Gareth, Wolfsheart, Iskwe, Ed Koban, Brian Hedges, Annie Humphrey, Kim Gouchie, Hour Eleven, Nosotros, Gary Orker, Jamie Coon, Rellik, Julian Taylor, Geronimo Paulette, Dawn Karima, Twice As Good, Thelma Cheechoo, Crystal Shawanda, Natalia Clavier, Martha Redbone, Steve Rushingwind, Leela Gilday, Blue Mountain Tribe, Shelly Morningsong, Brule, Shy-Anne, Horvorka, Vince Fontaine, Janet Panic, Delbert Anderson, Elastic Bond, David Fallis, Redbone, Sihasin, Leah Shenandoah, Dustin Roads, Mato Nanji, Cary Morin, Jimmy Wolf, Riah, Sean Ward, Leanne Goose, Billy Joe Green, Stevie Salas, Groupo Fantasma, Digging Roots, Olivanders, The Council, Richie Ledreagle, Brandis Knudsen, Stolen Identity, Ryan Little Eagle, Etua Snowball, Joseph Fire/Crow, Bruthers of Different Muthers, Gabriel Ayala, Forth Yeer Freshman, Don Amero, Pricilla's Revenge, Myron Pyawasit of Smokeytown Drum Group, Exit Wound, Upground, Sarah Hindsley, Elk Soldier, Bluedog, Darren Geffre, The Plateros, Jackie Bird, Tracy Bone, Vernonica Johnny, Nortec Collective, Michael Bucher, Midnite Express, Arlette Alcock and many many more.


  • 2018 Best Radio Station Program – Promoting Indigenous Music
  • 2017 Best Radio Station Program – Promoting Indigenous Music