Indigenous Music and Arts Program

Indigenous Music and Arts Programs 2021

The Indigenous Music and Arts Program introduced distinct elements to help catapult careers of Indigenous creators in the music and arts scene.  The mission is ‘to promote, support and encourage Indigenous artists’ by providing cultural, traditional and modern pathways and platforms for creative expression. 

Presented: FRIDAY, JUNE 18 - Indigenous Music Awards Facebook Page  

Visit the Indigenous Music and Arts Program 2021 visual world starting this weekend:  

TD Indigenous Songwriter Award - A SOCAN Foundation program in partnership with the Indigenous Music Awards, announced the recipient of this award.  It was presented to Leonard Sumner via special video recording.  

Star Catcher

Star Catcher is a music program for emerging Indigenous artists that will highlighted their skills and provided a platform for their ascending stardom. 

● This performance series will featured 10 emerging Indigenous artists with  an online performance of an original song, that streamed Saturday, June 19.

● The Music Video Competition featured new artists who produced a video of  an original recording, that streamed on Saturday, June 19   Winners were announced on Monday, June 21 - Indigenous Peoples Day! 

TikTok Rock Out

Since Nathan ‘Doggface’ Apodaca skateboarded his way into the world’s heart with Fleetwood Mac and cranberry juice, the Indigenous community has been looking for its next 30-second breakout star. TikTok Rock Out was committed to doing just that! Streaming began on Sunday, June 20.  Winners were announced on Monday, June 21 - Indigenous Peoples Day!

Writing Our Story

The Indigenous writing community grows every year. More and more we find our writers at the top of bestsellers lists, including the New York Times! This writing challenge was for young writers to provide a platform for them to showcase their work. Finalists were announced on June 30. 

Spirit Visions

Spirit Visions is shaking up their programming this year to be more inclusive of inspiring filmmakers and stars! Winners were announced, June 18!