Spirit Visions


June 4- June 14, 2021

1st Place Comedy Sketch

2nd Place Comedy Sketch

3rd Place Comedy Sketch

Spirit Visions is shaking up their programming this year to be more inclusive of inspiring filmmakers and stars!

Spirit Visions will hold a TikTok challenge with three different categories;

Comedy Sketch - create your own comedy sketch, as an individual or as a group. It could be written by yourself or a voice over from a commercial, TV show or film. Spoofing any of these are welcome too! Please use the hashtag #svcomedy2021.

Makeup Reveal – Individuals or groups start off bare and fresh faced and will reveal their make up with a hand or brush swipe. We encourage to be as creative as you’d like! You can include hair and clothing reveals too! Maybe surprise us with a Special FX make up too! Please use the hashtag #svmakeup2021. 

Dance/Dance off - Original dance, traditional dance, dance off, dance from a movie scene! Any type of TikTok with a dance component with or without music are welcome. This can be done as an individual or a group. Again, be as creative as you’d like! Please use the hashtag #svdance2021.


 o  1st- $300 o  2nd- $200 o  3rd- $100

If you have any questions please email us at spiritvisions@manitoahbee.com